A picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes a picture is not enough. When researchers need other tools and techniques to go beyond nanometer scale imaging, these instruments and products for SEM or TEM are the answer. They allow scientists to measure elemental composition or crystallography, probe valence band transitions, count single electrons in EM images or perform in-situ experiments at unprecedented acquisition rates. We list below instrumentation and equipment meant to be added to or work together with an existing electron microscope.

For stand-alone analytical equipment please visit the Elemental Analysis category.

Cameras: CCD and direct detection
Electron Energy-Loss Spectrometers (EELS) and Gatan Image Filters (GIF)
Electron Microscope Analyzers
SEM or FIB miscellaneous accessories
SEM or FIB stages, holders and airlocks
STEM detectors
TEM Specimen Holders
Time-resolved TEM
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

Cathodoluminescence (CL) is the emission of photons of characteristic wavelengths in the visible spectrum which is caused by the interaction of the electron beam with a sample. CL is a powerful structural and compositional analysis technique for materials that can reveal valuable information that cannot be obtained through SE, BSE or EDX. Such information includes zonal composition, lattice structure, superimposed strain or damage to the structure of the material. SEM-based CL imaging achieves much better resolution compared to optical CL microscopes.

NEW Gatan Monarc CL detector dramatically boosts sensitivity and spectral resolution, empowering the most complete CL analysis to date with unique wavelength- and angle-resolved capabilities.  

  • Gatan ChromaCL2 Live color cathodoluminescence imaging system
  • Gatan Vulcan cathodoluminescence (light) collection, detection, and analysis system for the (scanning) transmission electron microscope
  • TESCAN panchromatic CL detector in two versions, regular range (350nm to 650 nm) and extended range (185 nm - 850 nm)
  • TESCAN rainbow CL detector with simultaneous acquisition of red, green and blue components for live color imaging

Cameras: CCD and direct detection
CCD or CMOS based digital cameras to acquire images in Transmission Electron Microscopy. From entry-level devices to the latest in-situ direct detection technology.
  • Gatan K3 next generation direct detection camera optimized for the most demanding low-dose applications in both life science and materials science
  • Gatan K3 IS the world's first counting, high-speed, large format camera for in-situ microscopy
  • Gatan OneView 4k x 4k CCD camera
  • Gatan Rio CMOS camera with high resolution, speed, and ease of use

Chillers and heat exchangers to cool equipment and keep them at a stable working temperature, to ensure optimal performance and minimize thermal drift.

Electron Energy-Loss Spectrometers (EELS) and Gatan Imaging Filters (GIF)
By measuring the energy lost by the electron beam in its interaction with the sample it is possible to obtain chemical and elemental information with high energy resolution. It is also possible to filter electrons based on their energy loss and thus create an elemental map or improve image quality by removing inelastically scattered electrons.

  • Gatan Enfinium dedicated, hard-working spectrometers for EELS experiments
  • Gatan GIF Quantum high throughput spectrometers to capture highly detailed data from EELS and EFTEM experiments
  • Gatan GIF Quantum LS system with high resolution and contrast for cryo-EM by combining low distortion GIF Quantum optics with a K2 Summit detector

Electron Microscope Analyzers
We offer a unique range of analysis methods for materials characterization on electron microscopes, capable of elemental or crystallographycal analysis.

SEM or FIB miscellaneous accessories
The beams in a SEM or FIB are capable of producing a variety of signals (SE, BSE, SI, etc.), which can be acquired by special detectors as listed below. We also list other accessories to help SEMs experiments, such as decontaminators, flood guns, and devices not listed in the other categories.

SEM or FIB stages, holders and airlocks
Specialty stages add new functionalities to an existing system, such as the ability to cool or heat the sample, mechanical testing, serial block-face imaging, cryogenic capabilities and more.

We provide software solutions for automation, data handling, analysis, simulation and 3D reconstruction as well as supporting software for special techniques such as correlative microscopy, gun shot residue analysis, lithography, and more.

  • Alicona MeX metrology software to retrieve 3D topographical information from SEM images
  • Atomic Works simulation, a suite of solvers, ranging from ab-initio quantum mechanics to molecular dynamics and Monte-Carlo methods
  • Bruker AMICS software for Advanced Mineral Identification and Characterization Systems
  • Bruker ESPRIT QUBE software for advanced 3D analysis of EBSD/EDS data
  • TESCAN 3D Tomography for FIB-SEM tomography and the subsequent 3D reconstructions
  • Gatan 3D Tomography Acquisition software to acquire tilt series experiments using TEM, STEM, or EFTEM modes
  • Gatan 3D Visualization software to explore 3D data with volume rendering, isosurfaces, ortho slices and more
  • Gatan HoloWorks enables Fourier optics simulation and simplifies off-axis hologram processing
  • Gatan In-Situ Explorer full in-situ control and data handling within Gatan Microscopy Suite software
  • Gatan Latitude S for the efficient, high-throughput collection of low-dose, single-particle, cryo-EM datasets
  • Gatan Microscopy Suite GMS 3 a software suite to drive digital cameras and surrounding components and to support key applications including tomography, in-situ, spectrum and diffraction imaging
  • ORS Dragonfly 3 a software platform for the intuitive inspection of multi-scale multi-modality image data
  • TESCAN AutoSlicer for automation of FIB-SEM operations such as serial cross-sectioning and lamellae preparation
  • TESCAN CORAL correlative microscopy module for life sciences
  • TESCAN DrawBeam for advanced patterning in SEM and FIB-SEM lithographic applications
  • TESCAN Synopsys Avalon correlative microscopy module for semiconductor applications
  • TESCAN TIMA Mineralogy suite for acquisition, analysis, and quantification of mineralogical data, mineral classification, modal analysis, deportment, MLA, phase recognition and more
  • TESCAN Trace GSR GunShot Residue analysis package

STEM detectors
Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy is a combination of SEM and TEM in which the beam is raster-scanned over the sample and the transmitted electrons are collected by a detector underneath. It can be used in SEMs or TEMs provided the samples are thin enough. Depending on the collection angle of the transmitted electron, we distinguish between Bright Field (BF), Dark Field (DF) and High Angle Annular Dark Field (HAADF) detectors.

  • Gatan Advanced STEM detectors HAADF, annular dark field (ADF) plus bright and dark field (BF/DF) detectors for STEM imaging optimized for EELS
  • Gatan STEMpack a powerful method of obtaining detailed analytic data from a sample on an electron microscope equipped with scanning mode
  • Gatan STEMx a powerful tool that adds 4D STEM diffraction capabilities to your existing Gatan in-situ camera
  • Gatan Vulcan cathodoluminescence (light) collection, detection, and analysis system
  • TESCAN STEM detectors for SEM: fixed and retractable

TEM Specimen Holders
Specialty stages add new functionalities to an existing system, such as the ability to cool or heat the sample, to create gas or liquid in-operando environments, to perform high-tilt tomography, to perform electrical, straining, cathodoluminescence measurements and more.

Time-resolved TEM
This laser-based technology enables researchers to see the dynamics of nanomaterials at fast time scales and with high throughput. These products capture images at the ultrafast time scales that are essential to our understanding of many important nanomaterials, including proteins, drug encapsulation nanoparticles, catalyst nanoparticles, thin films, photonic waveguides, optical metamaterials and semiconductor devices. We believe that by illuminating the dynamics of the nanoscale, our products will drive technological and scientific progress across a host of markets and disciplines.

Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (ToF-SIMS) is a highly sensitive analytical technique that provides chemical characterization of the surfaces of materials. This is achieved by using a focused ion beam at typical energies of 10-30 keV, which impinges on the surface of the sample and as a result secondary ions (SI) are emitted from the uppermost atomic layers of the specimen. These ions are collected and analyzed by Mass Spectrometry which provides high sensitivity to trace elements, down to parts per million. TESCAN is the only company that offers an integrated system which combines the high-resolution of a FIB-SEM with the high chemical sensitivity of a ToF-SIMS system.